Our Services



Our first step to effective Speech & Language Therapy intervention is an individual, in-depth assessment of the developmental, physical, and cognitive aspects involved.


The particular assessment approaches and procedures we use will depend on the individual client’s age and nature of the problem and include clinical observations and standardised and non-standardised tests. The initial assessment will usually be carried out at our clinic but can also be arranged at your home or your child's school and takes 1-1 ½ hours.


If appropriate, we will view the assessment information in conjunction with the results of investigations carried out by other professionals (psychologists, medical practitioners, audiologists, etc) to get the most complete picture possible. We will then formulate a diagnosis, write a report and discuss therapy options with you. If you decide to start therapy with us we will then design an individually tailored course of therapy.




With very young children, therapy usually takes the form of parent counselling, enabling parents to support their children’s development at home. Intervention activities for older children and teenagers encompass a wide range of games, stories, rhymes, music, arts and exercises that make language learning enjoyable and fun.


Adult clients benefit from our experience with a multitude of techniques, which enables us to develop an individual program that fits the personal needs, abilities and challenges perfectly.


Therapy sessions last 45 minutes and will usually be carried out once a week. Duration of treatment depends on the severity of problem, the age of the client and all physical, emotional and social factors involved. Therapy for moderate disorders takes approximately 3 to 6 months.


There is no charge for cancellations made one full working day prior to appointments. Failure to attend or less than one full working day notice of cancellation may result in the full charge being made.