Computers are an integral part of our daily lives and yet many patients are not aware that they can access our therapy services via their computer in the comfort of their own home. Studies show that video therapy can be as effective as face-to face therapy and our clients at LOGOS Therapy share that view. They appreciate the flexibility, convenience and lower cost while the same high standards of client-therapist relationship and speed of therapy progress are maintained. Whether you live outside our catchment area or abroad, Skype makes our expertise available to you.


We attended the annual conference of the British Stammering Association from 1st - 3rd September 2018 in Cardiff and were blown away by the strength and vibrancy of the stammering community in Britain. The conference programme was amazing, with a separate programme for children and their families on Saturday. The BSA are currently rebranding to reach a younger audience and revealed their exciting new logo and advertising campaign at the conference. Their aim is to support stammerers of all ages and educating the public so that hopefully, one day, stammerers will really have equal opportunities. The motto of the conference "You are more than good enough" was proven time and again by the moving and encouraging personal stories that showed how stammering cannot hold you back. If you aren't already, please become a member of the BSA, it's FREE, and go to their website for a wealth of information


From October 2018, we will be offering a Saturday clinic just 1 min walk from London Waterloo station,

 SE1 7NQ. This service is specifically geared towards adult stammerers and busy families. We are planning to offer both individual therapy sessions as well as group work. Please inquire to find out more!